Chapter 2.


for terroir, heritage and ancestral know-how

« At the bedside of a forgotten land »


Bringing a dormant terroir back to life and cherishing it. Enhancing our architectural heritage – the heavy legacy passed down through generations of men and women attached to the fullness of beauty.

The people; the landscape; the land.
Decades of arduous work have shaped the beauty of our terroirs today. Habitats have been integrated and have adapted to these landscapes. These treasures are now listed as Cultural Heritage of Humanity sites.

Domaine Comtesse de Chérisey - Le respect


« A group of buildings anchored for centuries to this terroir »

Our estate, located in the heart of Hameau de Blagny, strives to preserve our unique heritage. Restoration of the oldest buildings that underpin the life of the estate began in 2008, with the goal of retaining their Burgundian charm.

This is part of a restoration project that aims to expand our technical facilities.

Recent constructions have been designed to meet all cultural heritage, environmental and technological requirements. A common thread through all the projects was that the materials were to be produced and processed locally, and that gravity should be exploited to minimise the use of pumps.


More than a kilometre of dry stone walls and 'meurgers' (a Burgundian term to describe piles of small rocks) crisscross our climats. The estate works to safeguard them.

In three years, 360 metres of these (180 metres of which under UNESCO supervision) have been renovated or rebuilt. This ancestral savoir-faire is a sociological marker. These structures tell the story of our Burgundian landscapes, but they also contribute to biodiversity by providing habitats for a multitude of animal species. In addition, they play an essential role in the fight against soil erosion.

« We can throw stones, complain about them, stumble on them, climb over them, or build with them » William Arthur Ward - American writer

Domaine Comtesse de Chérisey - Le respect