Chapter 1.


for the grapevine and the wine

« Don't aim to be proud of your work – wait until your work is proud of you »


Hélène and Laurent Martelet, representing the sixth generation of winegrowers, carefully intervene when necessary to draw out the qualities of the exceptional terroirs of Hameau de Blagny.

The team at Domaine Comtesse de Chérisey is passionate about nature and the outdoors – working tirelessly and meticulously every day, with deep respect for the vine and its ecosystem. Viticultural methods at the estate follow proven organic farming practices.

As a result, nature determines how every bunch grows – to become part of a future cuvée.

Domaine Comtesse de Chérisey - La passion


« The vine is not a beast like any other! »

As part of its organic farming approach, the Domaine Comtesse de Chérisey places great importance on the work in the vineyard throughout the year. Our working methods, based on ancestral knowledge, are regularly challenged in order to ensure that the needs of the plant, all cultural constraints, and the strict observation of the principles of biodiversity are aligned. The Domaine Comtesse de Chérisey is involved in numerous 'biocontrol' research projects, such as the impact of populations of bats and blue tits on the presence of harmful insects in the vineyard.

Look before you leap: the approach of the Domaine Comtesse de Chérisey is to measure, verify and analyse the consequences of every intervention.


« From the saliva of the earth, the spirit of the pebbles is born »

From planting through to bottling, we apply the same precision and the same attention to each of our actions. For the team at the Domaine Comtesse de Chérisey, our prolonged and careful attention to detail in order to reveal 'aromatic purity' involves a transversal and identical methodology for all of our cuvées.

Each vine speaks of its terroir – just as the skin reflects the soul!

The climate, an architect that visits annually, decides the typicity of the vintage. The adjustment variables are the surrounding environment and the work of the winegrower. Our goal is to guarantee this annual symbiosis. This is why we avoid the addition of inputs and physico-chemical manipulations during the vinification, ageing and bottling phases.

Each bottle thus contains a pure and unique nectar: wine from our grapes.

Domaine Comtesse de Chérisey - La passion